Danielle Alleyne



"I want to take the time out to say THANK YOU. Danielle you are so amazing in the mist of me planning my dream wedding and purchasing my dream home you would not let me stress. I knew you were heaven sent. It was days I wanted to give up but you told me that was not a option. That being said I was able to purchase a brand new house,something I never thought was possible so I thank God for you."

- LaConia and Omeri Green

"Danielle Alleyne you are an exceptional representative of The Prudential Organization. Providing personal assistance and having a genuine interest in the success and happiness of your clients is noteworthy. The competence exhibited by you, assures the client the safety and assurance needed during times of regular relocation/property sales or life time economic or personal life crises. I will be eternally grateful to you for the guidance and assurance provided me during my life crises.Your confidence and assurance that everything would be alright will never be forgotten. Today, as I sit in my beautiful cottage, I feel rested and assured that indeed all is well. Thanks to You!"

- Michelle March

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve my life long dream. No matter what time, day or night, if I had a question you had the answer. Danielle you were awesome. You made the process seamless. You made sure I had everything in place. I always wanted to own a home, but never imagine, that one day I would be the proud owner of a brand spanking new home. All I can say is, thank God and thank you. Danielle you rock!!!"

- Patricia Robinson

"Danielle Alleyne isn't just a Realtor, she is a BLESSING! Not only is she sharp and very qualified in what she doe's she's gentle and aggressive she is a complete go- getter. I spoke with Danielle over the phone and told her exactly what i wanted. The deal she put together for me was everything I asked for and more. She made it happen for me very easy. Just wanted to say you are an ANGEL, Danielle! She made the move from California to Atlanta happen! Thank You God Bless You and Your Family!"


"I have to say that I just thank the Lord for you because you were the person that helped me purchase my very FIRST home!!!! It was a wonderful experience (know most folks don't say that - the paperwork alone is enough to give you arthritis) --it was wonderful not only because you were patient, let me ask a lot of stupid questions, made sure I got those double ovens, but because you prayed over me, for me, and with me through the whole way through the process. Saying "thank you" just doesn't seem like it will ever be enough."

- Ms. R. Sanders

"I met Danielle Alleyne while browsing at home listings online. That was my luckiest day. I was actually looking at a specific subdivision and was directed to her website. She contacted me promptly the next day and within a few hours I was already speaking with a mortgage consultant for a pre-qualification letter. I must admit I did not have enough credit score to even look at the property I was interested in.Then came a listing for a property next to the property above. I now own that property, thanks to her experience, contacts and go-getter attitude. She sent me an e-mail within hours of the listing with my Pre-qualification letter, Yes with my Prequalification letter! That's how smart and sharp she is. With that letter, she has ready set the ball rolling to get me into the house. Her job did not end there, she helped with all I needed to do after closing. Danielle is an excellent realtor by all standards. She is sharp, smart, and professional. To me, she is the realtors realtor. I would use her anytime for my real estate needs."

- Dr. Mohammed

"After a long search for a realtor and my time running out on my lease I ran across Danielle�s site. After my 1st conversation with her I had no doubt that Danielle Alleyne was the one! I am a single mom of 2 and this was going to be my 1 st home, I had only 2 months left on my lease but that did not worry Danielle not one bit! Danielle did not just become my realtor but she is now a friend of mine, she immediately made me feel like I was dealing with my sister rather than my realtor. Her vast experience from underwriting to the real estate market and her knowledge of the area was a tremendous help. I really cannot say enough good things about her. This was a tremendous thing for me being a first time single buyer. I really appreciate all that Danielle did for me. If anyone has ever had doubts and lost dreams about becoming a homeowner please contact Danielle Alleyne she will go the extra mile to make your dreams come true for your family. Not only did she find me a house but a mini �Mansion� on a single mom budget, something I never thought I could EVER afford!!!!!"

- Zahra Holness

"I just recently purchased my 2nd home here in Atlanta, GA with Agent Danielle Alleyne.Coming from San Jose, CA (also a Realtor) I found my agent to be very knowledgeable about the housing market, foreclosures and short sales in the area. She listened to my concerns as to what type of home I was looking for, the price range and something close to the church I had planned on attending. We communicated by email and telephone/texting. Upon my visits she picked me up at my hotel on 3 trips, drove me to possible potential homes. She was there for my walk-thru and my closing. Danielle was extremely helpful throughout my entire process to getting me my retirement home. We got a close of 30 days. I highly recommend Danielle as a agent and I am very pleased with my choice in hiring her. Thank you Danielle!"

- Olivia McCuen

"Danielle you have truly been a blessing to my life. Thank you for your passion, commitment, professionalism. So glad our paths have crossed and can't wait to watch how God expands your territory over the years to come!!!!"

- K. Poma

"Choosing Danielle Alleyne as your Real Estate Agent is undoubtedly the best choice anyone in need of buying or selling a property can make. To date we have entrusted Danielle with 3 extremely important transactions for our family, and will continue our working relationship with her on any and all future endeavors.

The purchase of our first home in 2010 was the beginning of our professional relationship, and with each transaction she surpassed all expectations. From matching our price point and location, to searching for the right amenities, she focused on our needs and our desires.

When we decided to embark on the difficult task of selling that first home and exploring our options for purchasing a new home, we had complete confidence that she would provide the right insight and support, and that she would be up for the challenge! Danielle has never let us down!

With each transaction Danielle requested our specific needs and wants, and was sure to explore numerous opportunities in search of the right property, with the right price point, and location. When deciding to place our current home on the market her knowledge and expertise on the current market trends, mortgage and financing regulations, as well as comparable appraisals in our area allowed us to make an educated and well balanced decision.

Being well connected in her professional community makes her extremely knowledgeable on the buying and selling process, and gives her the ability to prepare her clients for best and worst case outcomes. Her vast array of knowledge, combined with her friendly and professional demeanor, and great communication skills make for a world class agent who comes highly recommended.

Not only were we able to find and close our new home quickly and efficiently but the same weekend we posted our home for sale she had it under"

- Madelyn & David Rivera